The Guide to Facebook Instant Articles, Google AMP & Apple News

Last Updated March 8, 2019

What they are, how they are shaking up online publishing and mobile content discovery, and how to use them to your advantage.

There are two big shifts that are really shaking up publishing right now:

  1. Users are moving from desktop to mobile in droves, but mobile user experience isn’t quite up to snuff
  2. Social content platforms are, for the first time, driving more referral traffic than SEO

Facebook, Google and Apple are well aware of the changing tides and have created some new content formats as a response. These new formats capitalize on the thrust in mobile traffic to help publishers reach more readers and put a major focus on simple, fast mobile page design.

guide to facebook instant google amp and apple news

While these new mobile formats create major opportunity for publishers and brands to increase their readership and cash in on mobile readers, formatting, publishing and monetizing content for each of these channels is not exactly easy as pie.

In “The Big Three: Google AMP, Facebook Instant Articles & Apple News” we will dig into how these formats work and give you the step-by-step on how to implement each into your mobile content strategy.

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